dewey_pitcherPitcher, a better way. Choose tap water.

Our tap water is safe and clean. It is continually monitored and tested to ensure it is of the highest quality! It’s affordable too, at less than a penny per gallon- that’s over 2,000 times cheaper than bottled water!

And, it’s environmentally friendly – by using a reusable water bottle and taking water from the tap – you’re reducing waste and keeping our waterways clean.

So grab your reusable water bottle and Take it From the TAP!

Take it From the TAP! encourages the community to choose local tap water as their first drink of choice. Take it From the TAP! is about creating change through education. Our message focuses on the safety as well as the health, environmental and cost saving benefits of choosing tap water. By choosing tap water the community is saving money, reducing waste and making a healthy choice. Community participation in the program is as simple as turning on the faucet and refilling a reusable bottle, mug, or cup. This simple action helps our community by protecting local water infrastructure and also reduces the negative environmental, social, and economic impacts associated with bottled water.

Pitcher, a Better Way. Choose Tap Water.


To learn more about how Take it From the TAP! was started and the Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership read Our Story.